Fast V-Bucks Farming in Fortnite Season 6

Guide: Fast V-Bucks Farming in Fortnite Season 9

Methods of Farming V-Bucks Fast

In this article we’re gonna be talking about the best ways that you guys can start earning a load of V-bucks every single day.


Now point one in today’s article that I’m gonna make is that you guys pretty much want to have saved the world to be able to maximize the amount of V-bucks, that you can be earning every single day. But if you are a Battle Royale player and don’t currently play Save The World or think of it like this, the $10 that you’re gonna be spending on a thousand v-bucks. You could then put towards buying Save The World before it becomes free, so you’ll still be able to earn those V-bucks and your earn way more. If you decide to grind out the game, instead of just making that one-time purchase on Battle Royale.


Being somebody that used to play battle a lot and not actually having saved the world and then all the time buying a load of V-bucks. So I can get the 2000 V-buck skins in the store. It was quite annoying to keep having to make loads of purchases, but then, after buying Save The World, it has become a lot easier for me to get all the new skins, gliders, backpacks and pickaxes when they first come out without having to break into my PayPal Account to buy them.


Keep in mind that if you do decide to become a sailor board player, then you can then put all of those V-bucks also towards a bunch of llamas, which will then help you in the long run. With some legendary weapons so then show off to your friends and then also use while you’re in the game.


So I definitely recommend buying Save The World now, but I might leave all of my other points of why you should get it now and not later for another article in the future.


So now that you guys have Save The World or are thinking about buying it, I’m going to show you the first method that you guys can use to start earning from Save The World with V-bucks, which is probably the main reason why a lot of people might decide to buy it.


1st method: Free And Legit V-bucks Generator



  1. Go to the website: Link
  2. Pick your Battle Bundle
  3. Press Claim Now
  4. Type your Profile Username and Choose Platform
  5. Select desired amount of VBucks
  6. Pick Your Version Upgrade
  7. Complete the Human Verification
  8. Install one or few apps and running it about 30 seconds
  9. Get your VBucks and Battle Bundle
  10. Enjoy it

Fortnite Bunndle Generator

Video Tutorial: How To Get Free V-Bucks With Fortnite Generator


2nd method: Login Bonuses and Daily Rewards

Login Bonuses and Daily Rewards

No matter which version of Save The World you guys have you’ll still be able to earn daily rewards, and these are login bonuses that you guys get just for clicking on saved award every single day. So make sure that when you do get save a world your autumn, basically clicking on that say door button, even if you’re just looking on to play battery out with your friends.


Now you tend to get a V-bucks as a reward once a week and on special Days like day 112, for example, as a daily login bonus, you’ll get 800 V-bucks, which is almost a season Battle Pass, which is huge so make sure you focus on those and specifically look forward to those days.


Click Save The World collect those daily login bonus is because you won’t get to log in and get that reward until you’ve actually collected it. So you won’t be able to proceed forward towards the next one, which gives you V-bucks.


Clicking options and then daily rewards will allow you to go back to that page of when you’re gonna get your next reward of V-bucks or other important things that You guys might want to collect, and that will show you how many days you’re gonna have to wait until you can let them so. You might want to also use the other methods I’m going to talk about in today’s article, so then get that extra bit of V-bucks, while you’re waiting for it.


So, while we’re on the topic of daily bonuses, there are also daily V-buck rewards, which you can get 50 v-box for completing, and these will actually tally up, and you can only save three of these missions so make sure that you are also logging in. To do these 50 V-buck missions to then overall stack them up over the weeks.


There have been many times personally when I forgot to do my daily challenges, and that has been very very bad for me, because they’ll stack up and then once you go past, that 3 mark you’ll be missing out on a ton of V-box.


3rd method: Storm Shield Dafense and Other Quests

Storm Shield Dafense and Other Quests


100 V-box can be earned from completing a storm shield defense on fortnight Save The World, so you’re going to want to progress quickly through your main questline to be able to reach that point, but now they’ve also in the new update.


This is actually really good, because if you guys have a lot of time on your hands and want to go through all of them in one day or across like a three day period, you guys can sit there with friends or other players and Save The World And just grind out a bunch of these storm shield defenses to get a load of V-box at once, which will help you get those skins before they timeout now.


There is also a side quest that I get quite often, which is to complete a certain amount of storm shield defenses. Now you can also do your friend storm shield, defenses, and it also counts towards this. A very quick way of completing storm shield defenses is by going into the play together a version of saved and that almost instantly puts you into a some analysis storm shield defense, because that’s one of the more popular versions of missions that you’re going to be wanting to put yourself into.


Right now to get 50 bucks. I have to complete five storm shield defenses, but I’m pretty sure the more you complete this mission, the higher amount of storm shield, defenses you’re gonna have to complete. It doesn’t matter which ones you do so you can help out a friend Stone word can eval A plan curtain or whatever, and it won’t matter, but you should also focus on doing these ones – to also get those 50 V-bucks, which I’m pretty sure that you can keep on doing this mission over and over again.


So the key way and method of farming. These V-bucks is to use the repeatable missions over and over again, which will then allow you to grind out those specific type of missions which will then rack up the V-Box every day.


4th method: Completing Challenges To Farm V-Bucks

Completing Challenges To Farm V-Bucks


Now there are a bunch of other challenges that you guys can complete, for example: killing mimics in the game and you’re gonna want to look for a chest and then kill that mimic and then once you’ve killed a certain amount of them. You’ll be rewarded with a small amount of V-Box, but you’ll be able to once again repeat this mission over again, which makes it very useful.


Another main section of the quest tab that you guys want to focus on is the event part of it. The event for tonight first birthday celebration that we have on right now, which might not be the case and the event if somebody’s watching this article further on in the future. But for now we have the event for tonight first celebration: section which offers no V-bucks at all, but does offer a bunch of road trip tickets, and then we also have the challenge the horde event, which will also give you some V-bucks. If you complete the specific missions, which could give you anywhere from a hundred V-Box to 250 V-Box for certain ones that you do complete.


But the event quest line, which is usually under your main quest section will 100 % definitely guarantee a bunch of V-Box to be earned from it every single time, a new one comes out so make sure to look out for, when a new event does come out to make sure that you’re not missing out on V-Box, if you think you’ve already completed it now.


5th method: Completing Alert Challenges

Completing Alert Challenges


Staying on the topic of missions, the last way that you guys can actually earn from completing missions is from doing alert challenges and these actually come up when you cover over your specific section, for example: can eval eval stew locate to canny valley. I’ll be able to Hover over certain missions that have that little storm symbol in the top right, all the timer and those will give you specific rewards, for example, a bunch of tickets, but on certain ones. It will actually give you V-Box, and this could be a certain amount of V-Box anywhere from about 20 V-Box, all the way up to around 50. So you want to be completing these, and these do reset on a timer, so you’re gonna be wanting to refresh.


If you do focus on these missions, specifically while also completing all the other ones, then from these alert missions alone, you should be able to earn around 200 V-bucks a day.


And now, if you carry on completing your collection book and have a bunch of schematics heroes or different things like that, that you don’t actually use all one instead of recycling them away, you can actually put them into the collection book. And then that will give you a bunch of XP and then it will also you further on your level of the collection book towards more V-bucks and I think, on level five, you get something like 500 V-bucks and then a level like 26 or something You get another 500 V-Box and, as you continue to progress through all the levels, you’ll continue to get a bunch of V-bucks from doing this.


Opening up the new birthday llamas is an awesome way to get a bunch of the old seasonal event items, and then you can then put these straight into the collection book and then, if you do decide in the future that you regret it, you can now use the new feature of the new update of using the V-Box that you would have got from the collection book to then get those different characters or weapons back out from it.


Before we get into my last method and tip, I just want to say to you guys to be able to save up the V-Box and not waste them when you do collect them, make sure not to go for the stupid llamas like the superhero llamas, which are a huge waste and sometimes don’t even give you good characters from it so make sure to focus on if you are going to open up llamas the ones that are the most efficient for your via box.

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