Free Steam Wallet Codes List

Free Steam Wallet Codes List – How To Activate Steam Keys?

In this article we will tell you how to activate keys on Steam

and get games using Free Steam Wallet Codes List or key giveaways etc.

You have a Steam key for example from Steam Wallet Codes List or perhaps you are one of the lucky winners of key giveaways. In the ocean of scams there is still some sources of steam wallet codes free list. On our site you can find plenty of free steam wallet codes lists with no survey. Check this article and you’ll get free steam wallet codes list for any games absolutely free.


Anyways to activate a product on Steam you have two options. This is actually simple and does not require special skills.


#1 – The first method is the Steam client:

You have to install it to play games from Steam. Just go to “Games” and activate a product on Steam.



After click you get a little bit of text. You will need a key, a CD or dvd key. Just press “Next” and then you can go ahead and read those pages and pages of terms and conditions, than press “Agree” and here is where you put the key. Anyways just select your key, copy it and paste by right clicking and select “Paste”. Press “Next” and then if the key is correct it will activate of a product.



In this case this is a fake key we just showed it for demonstration purposes, this did not work. Let we get a real key from steam codes listThis is a real key now. This is a key for A Virus Named Tom let’s see if that works. This was a successful activation.


#2 – The second method is the Steam site:

Alright now let us check out the second way to activate a steam key. To do so you have to go to a website store that Steam Power:



You have to press this check box and you have put your steam code in input field. You have to be logged in if you are not logged in. This is a key for Alpha Prime from free steam wallet codes list. Let’s try that one out. Activation successful. So that’s how easy it is. And this method is a new one. Anyways this is how you do it.


You can participate in the giveaways or get Steam wallet codes list without surveys or human verification easily unlocking games.

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