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Genshin Impact Latest News

Latest News
All Latest News & Updates

New Event: Spices From The West

Event Duration
May 14 - June 7, 2022
(Server Time)
Adventure Rank 20 or above

Try out different spices and cook unique foods to be given to your companion at your teapot!

Spices From The West Guide

Marvelous Merchandise Rerun

marvelous merchandise liben
Event Duration
May 6 - May 13, 2022
(Server Time)
Adventure Rank 12 or above

Everyone's favorite mini event, the Marvelous Merchandise is back once again for this 2.6 Update. Participate in this event and obtain various rewards from Liben!

Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide

Things To Do For 2.6 Update

Things To Do

New & Rerun Characters
AyatoAyato ★5 / Sword/ Hydro
Banner / Simulator
- Can be a Main DPS & Support.
- Descent range and easy to use.
- Uses Sakura Blooms
VentiVenti ★5 / Bow / Anemo
Banner / Simulator
- One of the best CC in-game.
- Spammable burst.
- Uses Cecilia
AyakaAyaka ★5 / Sword / Cryo
Banner / Simulator】
- One of the best DPS in-game.
- All of her attacks are powerful.
- Uses Sakura Blooms
Explore The New Area!
The Chasm
 └ Has an underground section.
 └ Collect Lumenspar and Lumenstone Ore
■ Challenge New Boss & Enemies
 └ Ruin Serpent
 └ Floating Fungus
 └ Black Serpent Knight
Finish New Quests
Archon Quests
 └ Requiem Of The Echoing Depths
Story Quests
 └ Cypressus Custos: Act 1 (Ayato Story Quest)
■ New World Quest
 └ The Millennial Mountains
 └ Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering
 └ Undetected Infiltration
 └ Says He Who Seeks Stone
 └ The Chasm Delvers
 └ Chasm Charters
 └ Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering
 └ Chasm Spelunkers
 └ First Miasmic Contact
 └ Meeting New People & Foiling Some Bandits
 └ The Heavenly Stone's Debris
 └ Perils In The Dark
 └ Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?
 └ Lost In A Foreign Land
 └ Lost in a Foreign Land: Seeking
 └ The Chasm's Bounty
 └ Mycological Investigation in The Chasm
 └ Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm
 └ Hydrological Investigation in The Chasm
 └ A Cliff-Side Hero's Past
 └ Valor's Afterglow
 └ Valor's Afterglow: Return By Sundown
 └ Dimming Mushroom's Call for Help
 └ A Company Vanishing Into the Deep
Secret Contents
■ Do Hidden Contents & Puzzles
 └ Shriveled Seed
 └ Orb Of The Blue Depths
 └ The Missing Miner
 └ Mysterious Letter
 └ The Nine-Word Rumor Achievement

Upcoming Characters For 2.7 Released?

Officially Announced
YelanYelanKuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu

Yelan and Kuki Shinobu's visuals was showcased by Hoyoverse. Would they be our next characters?

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Genshin Impact Latest Version Summary

2.6 Version Summary

Version Summary
New Banners
Banner For Ayato Featured Characters & Release DateAyato Banner
1st Phase
(2022/03/30 ~ 2022/04/19)
AyatoAyatoSucroseSucroseXianglingXianglingYun JinYun Jin
Second Rerun Banner For Venti (2.6 Update) - Featured CharactersVenti Rerun Banner
1st Phase
(2022/03/30 ~ 2022/04/19)
VentiVentiSucroseSucroseXianglingXianglingYun JinYun Jin
AyakaAyaka Banner
2nd Phase
(2022/04/19 - till the end of version 2.6)
New Weapons
Haran Geppaku Futsu
└ Signature weapon of Ayato.
New Boss & Enemies
New Boss
Ruin Serpent
New Materials
New Materials & Items
Lumenstone Adjuvant
Lumenstone Ore
Radiant Spincrystal
Mysterious Letter
New Gadget
Lumenstone Adjuvant
New Wildlife
New Wildlife Creatures
Lucklight Fly
Bluethunder Weasel
New Events
Hues Of The Violet Garden
└ Traditional Inazuma Festival
Friendship In Writing - Obtain free Xingqiu.
Spices From The West
└ Cook food and experiment on spices.
Vibro-Crystal Research
└ Research Chasm and battle different enemies.
Outside The Canvas, Inside The Lens
└ Photo-taking and collecting event.
Vibro-Crystal Research
└ A new limited domain event challenge.
New Quests
Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act 1
└ Story Quest of Kamisato Ayato.
Requiem Of The Echoing Depths
└ Continuation of the Main Story.
└ World Quest To Unlock Enkanomiya
New World Quests
The Chasm Delvers
Stolen, by the Rightful Owner
Undetected Infiltration
A Cliff-Side Hero's Past
The Millennial Mountains
Says He Who Seeks Stone
Dimming Mushroom's Call for Help
A Company Vanishing Into the Deep
Valor's Afterglow
Valor's Afterglow: Return By Sundown
Lost in a Foreign Land
Mycological Investigation in The Chasm
Hydrological Investigation in The Chasm
Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm
The Chasm's Bounty
The Missing Miner
Perils In The Dark
New Domain
The Lost Valley Domain
└ A new artifact domain.
New Artifacts
Vermillion Hereafter Set
└ A new artifact amazing for Xiao
Echoes Of An Offering Set
└ A set that is great for speedy Normal attack users such as Yoimiya, Childe and Ayato
Secret Contents
■ Hidden Contents & Puzzles
 └ Shriveled Seed
 └ Orb Of The Blue Depths
 └ The Missing Miner
 └ Mysterious Letter
 └ The Nine-Word Rumor Achievement

2.5 Version Summary

2.5 Update
New Banners
Yae Miko BannerYae Miko Banner
1st Phase
Yae MikoYae MikoThomaThomaFischlFischlDionaDiona
Rerun Banner For KokomiKokomi Rerun Banner
2nd Phase
KokomiKokomiBennettBennettXinyanXinyanKujou SaraKujou Sara
Rerun Banner For Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun Rerun Banner
2nd Phase
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunBennettBennettXinyanXinyanKujou SaraKujou Sara
New Weapons
Oathsworn Eye
└ A new Catalyst that can be obtained from the Three Realms Gateway Offering Event.
Kagura's Verity
└ A new Catalyst and signature weapon of Yae Miko.
New Boss & Enemies
New Weekly Boss
Raiden Shogun (Baal)
New Shadow Husks
Shadow Husk Defender
Shadow Husk Line Breaker
Shadow Husk Standard Bearer
New Materials
New Materials
Light Realm Sigils
Tokoyo Legume
Apotium Ore
Husk Gem
Fragmented Accessory
Dream Sakura
New Talent Level-Up Materials
Mudra Of The Malefic General
Tears Of The Calamitous God
The Meaning Of Aeons
New Events
Of Drink A-Dreaming (Bartender Event)
└ Create your own liquor and serve it to your favorite characters!
Divine Ingenuity Event
└ Travelers can create their very own domains and challenge others to play it.
Three Realms Gateway Offering
└ Light up the darkened Enkanomiya using the Bokuso Box.
Hyakunin Ikki Event Rerun
└ Use different trial characters for the rerun of this event.
Overflowing Mastery Rerun
└ Claim double the amount of talent materials in domains during this event.
New Quests
Imperatrix Umbrosa Act 2
└ Continuation of Raiden Shogun's Story Quest.
Divina Vulpes: Act I
└ Yae Miko's Story Quest
Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 1
└ Quest in the Three Realms Gateway Event
Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 2
└ Quest in the Three Realms Gateway Event
Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 3
└ Quest in the Three Realms Gateway Event

Genshin Impact Interactive Map Tool

Map Tools

Full Interactive Maps

Oculus Map

Future Oculus

Treasure & Shrine Of Depths Location

Future Shrines of Depths

Quest & Event Realed Items

Farm Locations

Genshin Impact Tier List & Ranking

Tier List

Character & Weapon Tier List

Best Girl / Best Boy Ranking Tool

Favorite Character Poll Results

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RankCharacter Vote Count
Favorite Character Complete Rankings

Rerolling Guides Here

Current Events / Wish (Gacha) Banners

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Banner For Ayaka Featured Characters & Release DateAyaka Banner Rerun

3/30 ~ 4/19
[Gacha Simulator]

Weapons BannerWeapon Banner

4/19 ~ 5/10

- Mistsplitter Reforged (Sword)
- The Unforged (Claymore)
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

Current Events

Marvelous MerchandiseMarvelous Merchandise

05/06 - 05/13

Participate in this event and obtain various rewards from Liben!
Hoyolab Log InDaily Check-In Event
Log in every day at Hoyolab to get rewards
Hangout EventHangout Event


- Ningguang's Hangout Event
- Yun Jin's Hangout Event

Upcoming Limited Events

Event Tracking Tool
To Do List & Event Calendar
All Event List - Rewards & Guide

Genshin Impact - Character Database


Character Tier Lists

All Characters

Characters By Rarity
Characters By Roles
DPS ListSupport ListHealer List
Characters By Element

All Playable Characters

List Of All Characters

Other Character Related Guides

Character List by Roles

Character Skins

Genshin Impact Weapons Database

Best Weapons & Artifacts For Each Character


Weapon Related Articles

Genshin Impact Artifacts Database


Set Bonus Guides

Genshin Impact Materials & Recipes Database


List Of All Materials

List Of Materials By Category

Spiral Abyss Walkthrough & Guides

Spiral Abyss

All Spiral Abyss Floor Guides

Check Out The Spiral Abyss Guide Here

Genshin Impact - Story & Quest Walkthroughs


World Quest Guides

World Quests In Mondstadt
Adventure Rank Ascension 2After The Storm
Break The Sword Cemetery SealBusy Adventurers' Guild
Collector of Anemo SigilsSolo Venture
Flighty Flora... and FloraIn The Aftermath
Lianne's TroublesLingering Malady
Mondstadt And Its ArchonQuestion & Answer
Scent On The WindWisdom Of Ancient Civilizations
Time And The WindEvery Day A New Adventure
Sharpening The Axe Won't Hinder The WorkA Land Entombed
The Great Mountain Survey I & IILost In The Snow
Adventure Rank Ascension 4Ah, Fresh Meat
SnapshotsFishing For Jade
Return Of The Jade ChamberEquivalent Exchange
World Quests In Liyue
A Little GameA Quiet Day In Liyue Harbor
And This Treasure Goes To...Big Business
Luhua LandscapePressing Deadline
Share Not Your TreasuresThe Chi of Guyun
The Ocean PearlThe Tree Who Stands Alone
The Yaksha's WishThief-Catcher
Trails In TianqiuTreasure Lost, Treasure Found
Will Of StoneNine Pillars Of Peace
An Ode to Yonder CityChangchang's Little Friend
Endless ResearchNecessary Procedures
The Adventurer's Guild's AffairsThe Secret of Nantianmen
Words Worth Their Weight in MoraAn Adeptal Summons
Nameless Treasure--
World Quests In Inazuma
Katheryne in InazumaChisato's Letter
Cleansing DefilementYougou Cleansing
A Strange Story in KondaSacrificial Offering
Hayashi of TanukiTatara Tales
Sakura ArborismDreams of Sword
Orobashi's LegacyTreatment on the Island
Gazing Three Thousand Miles AwaySinister Instruction
Hiromi's WatchIn Another Land
The Seventh SamuraiFate of a Fighter
The Seashore Strider (The Gourmet Supremos)The Ritou Road
The Deep Divers (The Gourmet Supremos)Of Shrines and Sakura (The Gourmet Supremos)
On the Road (The Gourmet Supremos)Gourmet Supremos, Assemble!
Temaria GameThe Art of Horticulture
Pizza From Another LandThe Farmer's Treasure
Phantom Flow: Phantasmal BladeFacing Distant Echoes
The Commission's CommissionHilichurl Hullabaloo
Kairagi ChaosVagrant Havoc
Monster MayhemFatuous Farce
Automaton AttackKairagi-Vagrant Pandemonium
International Travel LogSanden's Resource Request
Murakami's Meal-MakingRiku's Eggy Endeavor
Kanra's ThoughtsKano Nana's Healthy Diet
Kozue's IronworkMatsumoto's Fried Egg Fracas
Yata Kouki's Order of OreHome Lies Over the Ocean
O Archon, Have I Done Right?Battle of Revenge
Yae Publishing House's Invitation-
World Quests In Golden Apple Archipelago
The Other Side of Isle and Sea World QuestWho Wields the Wild Wind? World Quest
From The Outer Lands World QuestA Trip Through Fog And Wind World Quest
They Who Hear the Sea World QuestThe Winding Homeward Way World Quest
Check Out World Quests List Here!

Boss Fight Guides

Check Out The Boss List Here!

Genshin Impact Mini-Games & Tools

Genshin Impact - Beginner Tips

Check out Beginners Guide & Tips here!

Beginner Guides

Beginner Tips & Tricks
Fast Rerolling Guide Adventure Rank Farming
Best Banner (Wish) To Choose Best Team Comp
Leveling Guide10 Ways To Get Stronger
How Long To Beat Best Weapon & Artifact Build
List Of GlidersHeart Island
Mondstadt Local SpecialtiesLiyue Local Specialties
Stats TrackerHow to Break Shields
Dandy's Time Trial ChallengeHow to Change Facial Expressions
Best Photo LocationsAge Ratings Guide
Hilichurl Language GuideGardening & Farming System
How To Receive Gifts From CompanionInazuma Reputation System
Mystic Offering SystemInazuma World List
Inazuma Local SpecialtiesFishing Associations
Traveler's Diary ToolCraftable Weapons List
All Archons List GuideStreamer & Content Creator List
All Hidden Shop VendorsAll Special Dishes List
Elemental Mastery Guide-
Gameplay Guides
Multiplay / Coop Cross Save Guide
Elemental Combos ChartAscension Guide
Daily Commission (Quests)Increase World Levels
Talent Upgrade GuidePaimon's Shop November 2021
Artifacts Guide Constellation Guide
Battle Pass Guide Mysterious Seelie Guide
Souvenir ShopPaimon's Bargains
Language OptionsChanging Name & Gender
Classes / Weapon TypesStamina Increase Guide
Elemental Resonance GuideFriendship Levels
Platform DifferencesProcess Ingredients
Change Servers GuideRedeem Codes Guide
Controller SupportExpedition Guide
Bounty GuideAll Birthday List
Dupes GuideDendro Effects & Reactions
How To Select Regions GuideRefresh Rate & Resin System Guide
Windows 11 CompatibilityAmazon Prime Gaming Bundles
Possible Guild / Group FeatureAll Debuffs List
Failed To Check For Updates FixAll Namecard List
Event Related
Pre-Launch Event Info Catch The Wind Event
Baptism of Song Event Housing Design Ideas
Honkai Impact 3rd CrossoverFavorite Furniture Set
Mysterious Islands EventSummer Vacation Event
Dodo-King Of The Sea EventThe Final Riddle Quest
Thunder Crash EventAnniversary Event
Phantom Flow EventIkebana Event
To The World's Sounds Listening5 Hidden Grilled Fish
In-Game Currency & Items
Geo SigilAnemo Sigils
Genesis CrystalsMicrotransactions Guide
Masterless Stardust & StarglitterOriginal Resin Guide
Primogems FarmingAcquaint Fate
Intertwined FateMagical Crystal Chunk
Geoculus Resonance StoneAnemoculus Resonance Stone
Geo Treasure CompassAnemo Treasure Compass
Cryo Treasure CompassPyro Treasure Compass
Hydro Treasure CompassDendro Treasure Compass
NRE (Menu 30)Portable Waypoint
Condensed Resin-
New Areas
The Chasm-
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Achievements List

Individual Achievement Guides
Transmutation Nuclide-
All Achievements List

What Is Genshin Impact?

Free Cloud Platform Multiplayer Game

Genshin Impact is a free to play game (includes in-app purchases). It also supports cross platform gaming with PS4, PC & Mobile (iOS& Android) which lets the player interact with other players using different devices.

Release Date & Product Information

Release DateSeptember 28, 2020
PlatformsPS4, PC, iOS, Android
*To be released on Switch, release date unannounced
PriceFree (includes In-App Purchases)

Will There Be A Nintendo Switch Version?


It has been confirmed that Genshin Impact will be released on Nintendo Switch in the near future. The release date has not been announced yet, but we have gotten some info regarding its compatibility and cross-play features, so check those out below!

Learn More About The Switch Version Here

Will There Be A Mac OS Version?

It hasn't been announced yet by the game's official site or social media accounts, so check back here for news if it will be playable for Mac!

Can You Play Genshin Impact On Mac?

The New Game From miHoYo

Genshin Impact is created by miHoYo, a company that is known for games such as Hokai Gakuen & Honkai Impact 3rd. Genshin Impact is an open world adventure filled to the brim with content.

Features Anime-like Beautiful Graphics

One of the points that makes Genshin Impact great is its anime-like beautiful graphics. You can travel the beautiful world called "TEYVAT" alone or together with friends.

Features Cast Filled With Popular Voice Actors

The Japanese cast of Genshin Impact is filled with popular voice actors including Aoi Yuuki and Horie Shun.

Check Out Character Voice Cast Lists Here!

Seven Elements Hold The Key

Genshin Impact's combat is based around a system in which familiar elements react with each other to produce different effects. Manipulating a party full of different elemental users will be key in becoming proficient at this game!

Cross Save Support

You can easily transfer your game device to different devices with Genshin Impact's Cross Save Support.

Check Out Cross Save Guide Here!

Has Regular Updates

Mihoyo announced that they plan to release new contents every 6 weeks. Because of this, you will always find something new to do!

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