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How to Redeem Playstation Codes – Video Tutorial

How to Redeem Playstation Codes – Video Tutorial

In this article it is going to be showing you how to redeem Playstation Codes on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation App for your mobile devices. Now I’ve been getting this question from time to time, so I figured I’d go ahead and throw up a video tutorial with step-by-step information for those of you that have had the question. You guys can always come back to this video at a later time.

Video Tutorial



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How To Redeem Playstation Codes On PlayStation 4?

Let’s get right into it, so you’re going to want to be on your Playstation 4. For this go into the PlayStation Store, scroll all the way down to redeem playstation codes, and you can enter in any 12 digit redeem code. So if you buy PlayStation Plus subscription, you can enter it here. If you buy a digital game from a store, you can enter it here. If you buy DLC, you can enter it here, pretty much any digital code, 12 digit code for the PlayStation Network. You can enter here. So I’m going to be entering at a beta code for drawn to death. You guys can also use beta PS4 codes in this as well, like I said, any code will work as long as it’s a 12-digit code and it is valid.




So you’re going to want to enter the code in no capitals. It that doesn’t matter it’s going to automatically do that for you and then you’re going to want to you don’t need to put spaces spaces are not necessary. In fact, if you put a space, it’ll probably mess it up, so no spaces. As you guys, can see, there’s a code in its entirety just hit R to when you’re finished. It will populate automatically with the capitals and spaces.




If you’ve entered it correctly, you’ll get a checkmark on the right side. You can go ahead and press Continue. You can preview what you’re about to confirm. This is a promotional code, but again, like I said you can enter it for the PlayStation Plus or any other redeem code, voucher code that you want once you finish, you’re going to want to hit, confirm and then once you confirm, then you can go into the Next step of choosing whether or not you want to download it now or just add it to your library. Now we are going to go into how to redeem playstation codes on your mobile devices.

How To Redeem PSN Codes On Your Mobile Devices?

Now we on the PlayStation app. This is good because you can redeem playstation codes on any mobile device that you have. I’m on my iphone right now, but if you have an iPad, a tablet or any other smartphone that has the ability to download the PlayStation app. I definitely recommend doing so. I use this about 90 % of the time because it’s easier, it’s more convenient. You can enter the code right away or let’s say you’re out, and you go and purchase a digital download at a store and you want to be able to have it accessible when you come home and turn on your PlayStation 4. As long as you have your PS4 in rest mode and you have everything synced correctly, then you can enter the redeem code and it will download straight away. Same thing for Playstation 3 and even the Vita.




Now, let’s get right into it and let’s go ahead and click on your profile picture on the top right corner. Once you click on that, you can go ahead and click redeem code. The nice thing about this is, if you do buy it from a store nine times out of ten, they will have a barcode that you can scan. You can scan the code or the barcode, and it will come up right away for video purposes. We’re actually going to be entering it in manually and you’ll have to resign into your PlayStation Network account once you do that, then you can enter the redeem code. So let’s get right into it.


video tutorial


Just like with the PlayStation 4 you don’t need to capitalize anything. It’s automatically doing it for you, but for whatever reason, if your device doesn’t capitalize it don’t worry because it will populate automatically and if you see dashes again on your redeem code, don’t enter it in just wait for it and there you go. It will automatically give it to you, give you the option and then you can choose to redeem it, and once you do redeem it, then it will go into the next step of. If you want to download it or not. I’m not actually going to be redeeming this code because I’ve already got drawn to death and if anybody out there is able to get this code that I just entered in, feel free to alright. That will actually conclude this little video tutorial.

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